Trees We Love

Hoy is delighted to announce the third year of funding for Trees We Love! Our TWL program is a source of celebration, recognition and much-needed positive environmental news; it is a reiteration of the importance of our past; which has produced our present and, perhaps, act as encouragement to preserve our future. We believe it to be a high-impact conservation program with positive, long-term results. 2018 awardees will receive permanent recognition, promoting stewardship for, and appreciation of, our beautiful heritage trees. 

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2017 Awardees


  Bur Oak at Seno
Quercus macrocarpa
Proud Stewards: SENO/KRLT Conservancy
44 Diameter at breast height, 65 Height, Approx. age: 220 years

  Oak on Brook
Quercus alba
Proud Stewards: The Brown Family, 6837 Brook Rd.
42 Diameter at breast height, 55 Height, 60 Spread, Approx. age: 190 years

  Camperdown Elm on Waterbury
Ulmus glabra 'Camperdownii'
Proud stewards: Nicholas and Ann-Marie Baldukas
26 Diameter at breast height, 25 Height, 40 Spread, Approx. age 152 years

  Larch on Vincennes
Larix larcina
Proud stewards: Thomas and Lynne Fiser
19 Diameter at breast height, 70 Height, 40 Spread, Approx. Age 87 Years

  Shagbark Hickory on Crystal Spring
Carya ovata
Proud Stewards: Phil and Mary Hines, 5015 Crystal Spring
26 Diameter at breast height, 70 Height, 50 Spread, Approx. Age 182 years

  White Oak at Pringle
Quercus alba
Proud Stewards: Pringle Nature Center
38 Diameter at breast height, 50 Height, approx. age 190 years

Photos by John Krerowicz


2016 Awardees


  Bur Oak King
Proud stewards: Knutson family
49 Diameter at Breast Height, 70 Height, age approx. 245 years.

Photo by Bergs Family

  Matriarch Sugar Maple
Proud stewards: Bergs family.
33 Diameter at Breast Height, 85 Height, age approx. 165 years.

  Mother of the Woods The European Beech Queen
Proud stewards: Lochnaiar Inn, Johnson family
56 Diameter at Breast Height, 60 Height, approx. age 224 years.

  Stately Sycamore
Proud stewards: City of Racine
39 Diameter at Breast Height, 95 Height, approx. age 110 years.
12th St. and Horlick Drive, Racine

All Photos by John Krerowicz (except where noted)