Leaping into the World - Windpoint Lighthouse - Racine County - June 16, 2003

As I scoped out the gulls at the grounds of the Windpoint Lighthouse this morning, I started to hear soft persistent calls from behind me. Looking behind, I saw nothing... While back at the scope, I then heard what sounded like egg shells hitting the ground. What?? ..... I looked back again, nothing.

Puzzled, I kept looking behind. Then, peeking her head out of an old fog horn, a female Mallard checked to see if the 'coast' was clear.  Soft peeps began to emanate from the metal cavity.  Soon small young chicks gazed out at the new world upon them.

Mom jumped down, beckoning her young to follow. One by one, they lined up and leaped into a new world.

It may have been something as common as a Mallard, but it definitely was a unique experience (and just plain cute!)

Formerly used fog horns, sounding with encouraging calls of a mother

Checking the world around from 11-12 feet up.

All clear, I'll go first.


Photos by Eric Howe

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