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Baltimore Oriole (photo by Jennifer Wenzel)
Baltimore Oriole

by Jennifer Wenzel

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Upcoming Programs / Field Trips

Saturday, March 24, 8:30 a.m.
Field Trip: Eagle Lake Waterfowl

We'll meet at Eagle Lake Park (north side of the lake, south of Church Rd.) to bird the lake, then we'll check the wetlands west and north of the intersection of Hwy 11 and 75 on the way back. Check our website prior to the trip; if the lake is still frozen by late March, we may go birding elsewhere.

Nominations for Trees We Love 2018

Hoy is delighted to announce the third year of funding for Trees We Love! Our TWL program is a source of celebration, recognition and much-needed positive environmental news; it is a reiteration of the importance of our past; which has produced our present and, perhaps, act as encouragement to preserve our future. We believe it to be a high-impact conservation program with positive, long-term results. 2018 awardees will receive permanent recognition, promoting stewardship for, and appreciation of, our beautiful heritage trees.

Click here to download the nomination form (PDF version)

Such recognition occurred with one of our 2016 awardees, a 110 year old Sycamore owned by the City of Racine. A concrete slab was poured to ensure plaque permanence at the base of the tree, which is in close proximity to Park High School. Before the concrete had hardened, a picture of a heart and tree were carved into the wet base. We believe the artist may well have been a student who heartily approved.

Thursday, April 5 - 7:00 P.M.
River Bend Nature Center, 3600 N Green Bay Rd, Racine, WI

The Monarch butterfly, numbers of which the federal government warns have plummeted in the past 20 years, is the topic of the next monthly meeting of the Hoy Audubon Society of Kenosha and Racine Counties.

The free program, open to the public, begins at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 5 at the River Bend Nature Center, 3600 N. Green Bay Road, Racine.
The presenter, Judy Grasser, of Salem Lakes, will discuss the importance of preserving the Monarch's habitat and how to create a Monarch garden to attract the insects.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website has cautioned that habitat loss and pockets -- as opposed to parcels -- of welcoming land are contributing to the population loss. It also said pesticides and climate change are affecting the butterfly. The USFWS noted, however, that more groups are growing milkweed, which is the only plant that Monarchs lay eggs on. More information is available online at www.fws.gov/savethemonarch.

The loss of Monarch habitat has affected Kenosha and Racine counties, too. "We've got subdivisions that are built where prairies with milkweed used to grow wild, and land is taken to build and expand the interstate highway," Grasser said. "The good thing is that the Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa departments of transportation are planting milkweed in empty areas along those highways."

Residents can plant milkweed, too, to help Monarchs, she said.
"It's like the baseball movie 'Field of Dreams:' If you plant it, they will come,'" she said. "Even if all you plant is milkweed, you're helping."
Grasser helped establish a Monarch way station -- a place where the insects could stop during migration to rest and feed -- in 2013 in what was then the Town of Salem. A Boy Scout agreed to cultivate the way station to earn his Eagle Scout badge. The town donated seeds and plants as well as an acre of land near Center Lake for the site.

By 2015, Grasser was photographing Monarchs on the property.
Grasser became fascinated by butterflies at age 12 when she saw them flitting in a field near home in Schiller Park, Ill., a Chicago suburb. Several years ago, she researched Monarchs online and became a self-taught advocate for the insects. She has raised and released several hundred Monarchs since then.
She said the beauty of Monarchs is what attracted her to them, not to mention their durability and perseverance that drives them to migrate to Mexico from Canada every year, covering some 6,000 miles round trip.
"It's hard to feel mad, bad or sad when you're sitting in the middle of a butterfly garden," she said. "They are incredible creatures."

Project FeederWatch

Counting for the FeederWatch season runs November through April. Visit feederwatch.org for information.

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   The Wisconsin Society for Ornithology (WSO) sponsored field trips are open for anyone to attend. 
For a listing of Field Trips, click here.

   Bring a bag lunch or cooler. For the WSO field trips, severe weather conditions may cancel the trip. In the event of cancellation, every attempt to notify participants via the WSO Hotline (call 262.784.4032 for recording) and WisBirdNet (recent postings at http://www.birdingonthe.net/mailinglists/WISC.html )

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Hoy Audubon Society
 a Chapter of National Audubon Society
 covering eastern Kenosha and Racine Counties, Wisconsin


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